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Is your house and family protected with the right amount of coverage for the risks you may face?

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Are you sure you have enough insurance?

Your home is one-of-a-kind. Should something go wrong, will your current policy provide for the full replacement coverage needed to restore your home – and its special features – to your exact standards? Does your current insurance provide flood, quake and/or wildfire coverage?

Signature Select specializes in custom-built coverage plans. Many mass-coverage insurance policies overlook the uniqueness of special items and fixtures in custom-built homes, leaving you underinsured and forced to compromise should something go wrong.

How do you replace the unreplaceable?

Fine art, collector cars, wine…You take time and careful consideration when adding to your collection of fine art, classic or exotic cars, rare wines, jewelry or furs. Shouldn’t you give the same attention to protecting your assets as you do acquiring them? These special items require complicated insurance provisions. How does the coverage respond to things like diminished value when there is a partial loss? Collections are so much more than an assortment of items and we specialize in finding the right coverage for those one-of-a-kind needs.

Do you have guaranteed replacement cost when it comes to natural disasters?

We’ve all seen in recent years the rapid and devastating destruction caused by wildfires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides and more. These unpredictable natural disasters indiscriminately ruin anything in their path.

Often, mainstream homeowner's policies have replacement cost valuations for indemnification after a loss. What many policy holders do not realize is that in the event of a claim that is in excess of the policy limits, and/or if the policy holder wants to cash out rather than rebuild, he/she may be left in a tough position. A guaranteed-replacement-cost policy with cash-out provisions will pay the entire cost to repair or replace even if the claim amount goes beyond the policy limit. Additionally, this form of policy does not account for depreciation, whereas a cash-value policy would.